Psychological services

As a clinical psychologist I provide diagnostic assessments and tests to diagnose and treat school related learning problems, emotional and behavioral disorders. This includes psychological testing for learning disabilities, ADHD/ADD, autism, emotional disabilities, anxiety, gifted and talented, and behavioral disorders. I also provide therapy and counselling with a focus on cognitive, behavioral, and growth mind set methods. Emphasis is on family and how children function within the family unit. Currently due to COVID individualized assessment services are not available. I am however, also skilled at helping parents understand the results of assessments done the the school or private psychologists and other professionals who provide assessments. I also am skilled at integrating the assessment findings across the different types of testing to better define areas of educational need. As a psychologist I do not prescribe or provide medications. If you need medication you need to call your family doctor or a psychiatrist, the mental health professional who is licensed to provide medications.

As a licensed school psychologist I help children cope with emotional, academic, social, and behavior problems relating to school usually working with parents, teachers, students, and other school staff to ensure that the learning environment is healthy, safe, supportive, and productive. As a school psychologist I provide comprehensive assessment reviews with a focus on implementing strategies to improve outcomes using strength-based strategies. How does the student learn best and how can the school direct instructional methods to the strength?

As a special education advocate I work in partnership with parents to identify and obtain needed services for a student qualified for services under IDEA, ADA and Section 504. I review IEP's, attend child study, IEP, eligibility, MDR and other requested school meetings, perform functional behavior assessments and assist in writing behavioral intervention plans, work with parents to help them understand the meaning of reports provided by the school and to explore educational options for their children. My objective is to clarify the process so well that parents can continue to work effectively with the school on their own to continue the process we begin together. Included in that goal is to help parents help their children understand their individual learning needs so that they too can advocate for needed accommodations and services.