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Are behavioral and learning goals a "slam dunk" for your child or is each day a struggle with behavioral outbursts, calls from school, low grades and the never ending lack of homework completion?  Children often struggle when learning needs differ from instructional methods.in place.  As a licensed clinical psychologist and school psychologist my practice fills a unique niche in today’s mental health field by unravelling the complex interactions between home and school that too often disrupt a family's daily life. Together we will partner to reduce stress by achieving goal success differently. 

With a  "unique learner" focus, the student with a specific learning disability, ADHD, autism, anxiety, oppositional behavior and other mental health needs,  I partner with you to help navigate the special education maze to put in place academic services, accommodations, IEP goals, and other needed services provided under special education regulations:  IDEA, ADA and 504 plans.  This process is customized to your child's needs. Services include: case file review; interpreting evaluations; providing diagnostic psychological and educational testing; IEP & 504 plan reviews; help developing IEP goals and 504 plans including monitoring progress; attending child study screenings, IEP and 504 meetings; FBA & BIP's; MDR hearings; case file organization; transition  and college planning.



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