Psychological Testing Services

I specialize in comprehensive psychological and educational testing for children, adolescents, and young adults. I can help you know if you or your child has a learning disability (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia), attention disorder (ADD/ADHD), autism spectrum disorder of other emotional and learning areas of concern.

The types of testing used depends on the reason for testing .

  1. Assessment for ADHD, (Attention -deficit/hyperactivity disorder/ADD) requires about 5 hours of time to obtain extensive developmental history, administer questionnaires, score and write report.
  2. In general a comprehensive assessment for a specific learning disability includes :
    • an extensive (90 minute) intake interview to get more information on the problem and related developmental history;
    • 4-8 hours of testing (cognitive abiity, academic achievement; learning style, memory, visual-motor skills,adaptive functioning, emotional and personality factors);
    • several behavioral and personality behavioral checklists;
    • for children and teens with school related problems I prefer to include a classroom observation, referred to as a functional behavioral assessment (FBA) to see what classroom and school related factors are influencing the problem that brought your child in for an assessment;
    • time for scoring and report writing;
    • A post testing session to go over test results, how the results relate to your child's current problems, and recommendations to help improve outcomes.

Perhaps a teacher or pediatrician has recommended a comprehensive assessment because your child is struggling either academically or behaviorally in school. Or you are concerned that your preschooler seems to be lagging behind other children in social skills, language development or other skills needed for entrance in the public school system. I will happy to discuss those concerns with you as a complimentary consultation but I first recommend you request that your school provide such as assessment. Under IDEA, as a parent you have the right to request a comprehensive assessment either under Child Find for the younger children or through the school psychologist for those in higher grades. Such assessments are provided at no cost to you by the school. You can always obtain a second opinion from an assessment expert in private practice if the school says they will not do an assessment or if you disagree with the school's evaluation. If that is the case request an independent educational assessment (IEE) from the school prior to seeking outside assessment.

( COVID concerns limits this type of testing. It is best to check with your school first to see if they provide the requested assessment .)