Advocacy services

How can a special education advocate help?

Dr. Ross-Kidder provides educational support and advocacy services to parents with children who have specific learning disabilities, ADHD, emotional disabilities and other disabilities serviced under IDEA, ADA and 504 regulations. She helps parents understand the their rights and assist them in ensuring their children have an equal opportunities for a free and appropriate education (FAPE) in the public and private school settings.

Special advocacy services offered include :

  • Consultation when your child struggles at school;
  • Development of a problem solving plan;
  • Helping you understand your rights and the services and programs available for your child;
  • Clarifying what a student's school files, reports, and assessments mean;
  • Providing an organized document with analysis of assessment results for use at eligibility and IEP, meetings as well as with formal complaints or due process hearing requests.
  • Attending child study, eligibility, 504, IEP, MDR, due process and other meetings related to your child's educational needs.
  • IEP review and assist with writing of clear and measurable objectives and goals;
  • Conducting classroom observations and functional behavioral assessments (FBA);
  • Translating functional assessment into effective behavioral intervention plan (BIP);
  • Online review of ieps, functional behavioral assessments, psychological and other reports relevant to your child's current school issues;
  • Transition planning and transition IEP development.

All services are now provided virtually due to school closings and health risks related to COVID virus .