Championing students' specialized educational needs:

Moving beyond inclusion access to meaningful, measurable educational progress.

Dr. Ross-Kidder, a Virginia licensed clinical and licensed school psychologist, works with parents, students, school staff and other related special education professionals creating positive relationships that foster academic and life success for students with a disability. She has extensive understanding of the needs of students with specific learning disabilities, ADHD, intellectual disabilities, and autism. Her focus is making certain programs implemented by the schools provide more than just eligibility. She specializes in reviewing assessment data from psychological, educational and other assessment provided by both outside and by school professionals to assure that category of service is being met, needed accommodations are provided and that classroom methods are implemented to assure evidence-based measured skill development and learning progress.

Here are some of the services she provides:

  • Consultation advice about a student's specialized/ special education needs;
  • School record review analysis of testing and assessment defining more precisely student needs;
  • Meeting preparation, case file organization and meeting presentations
  • IEP and 504 Plan writing help and review;
  • Attending IEP, Child Find, screening, MDR and official meetings;
  • Classroom observations including written FBA and BIP reports;
  • When needed development of summary research on program effectiveness as applied to defined specialized learning needs;
  • Transition planning for college and employment;
  • Assist parents in mediation, resolution meetings and writing state complaints and due process hearing requests;
  • Consultation with special education attorneys and other specialist referrals.

For free initial consultation to see if I can help please call me at 540-388-2172 or by email [email protected] by clicking the consultation tab above .

Due to the COVID virus school closings and health risks all services are now provided virtually, online for consultations and school meetings.