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   The George Washington University, Ph.D. (Developmental Psychology)       

             George Mason University, M.A. (Clinical & Experimental Psychology)               

                      University of Michigan, Graduate Rackham (Education, Curriculum Development)

    University of Michigan, B.A. (French, American History)                             


LICENSURE:   School Psychologist #0803000074;
                    Clinical Psychologist #0810004382



  Director & owner, Educational & Psychological Consulting Services (EPCS), Culpeper, VA – Work in school systems throughout Virginia  developing IEPs, eligibility,psycho/educational assessment, provide therapy; grant writing;

Faculty Department of Psychology, George Washington University, Washington, D.C. 1980-; 

Faculty, Georgetown University, Washington, DC, 2009-;

Training consultant for University of Buffalo, RCEPII program training transition and vocational counselors on learning disabilities and ADHD, using psychological assessment to identify and accommodate, and mandated needs for compliance under Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act and the ADA.

Consultant, National Board of Professional Teaching Standards, Arlington, Va. 


-Psychologist, residential psychiatric program for children with severe behavioral and emotional problems due to physical and sexual abuse. 2006-2008, psychological and educational assessment, counseling, multidisciplinary treatment team meetings, and staff training. Coordinate educational program, IEP writing, teacher evaluation, curriculum coordination with school principal. Coordinate educational transition from program back to public education.
-Consultant, National Institute for Literacy (NIFL), Reviewing Bridges to Practice Training Progam.2005-2007- Grant writer to obtain funding for consulting firm. Evaluate teacher ability to train and teach.
-Director, LD Online (
www.ldonline.org), leading Web site on learning disabilities and/or ADHD for students, parents, teachers, and other professionals. 2000-2003
-Consultant: 1998-2001. GED Testing Service of the American Council on Education. (ACE) Developed National Training Program, manual, video, Accommodation Accommodations for state directors of education. Trained state directors of education. National conference presentations. 


-Supervised training in the Department of Psychiatry,  Children's National Medical Center, Washington, D.C.;
-School psychologist in a residential psychiatric program, Child Help, for children with severe behavioral problems following physical and sexual abuse;
-15 years as a psychologist with primary role of assessment and school consultations for a private psychiatric office serving the needs of children and adolescents;
-School psychologist in the Fairfax County Public Schools;
-Psychologist,  group leader for the Women's Center of Northern Virginia;
-Supervision of graduate student assessment and report writing at GWU and GMU;
- Licensed school psychologist with a private group psychology practice in Annandale, VA;
- Independent private school psychologist practice, Vienna, VA; and
- Director and owner of EPCS an educational and psychological consulting firm providing assessment, therapy, teacher training, advocacy and special education consultation and research (www.advocate4ed.com).


-National Institute for Literacy
, Bridges to Practice, Train the Trainer Model, evaluated and reviewed implementation of the model nation wide and advised on national literature review panel to develop overall current position papers on the impact of LD and reading disabilities in adolescents and adults.
-General Education Development Testing Service of the American Council on Education (GEDTS/ACE) consulting experiences include: development of national training model for adult educators on the impact of learning disabilities and ADHD, emotional disturbance in adult learning; the creation of a national screening model, national training program and related training manual and video presented to state GED administrators in three-day training seminars; development of informational LD/ADHD webpage; review of psychological reports of over 2000 candidates requesting accommodations during testing due to learning disabilities, emotional and physical disabilities; consultation with lawyers, government agencies, assessment and advocacy experts on implementation of federal legislation including ADA, IDEA, and 504; development of national research data bank; and public speaking in many national conferences on the nature of learning disabilities and ADHD and emotional dysfunction in adults who have not completed traditional high school programs; 

Previous consultative experiences included school psychologist presented teacher workshops on the use of Piagetian theory in teaching elementary and secondary students; parent workshops; psychological evaluation and diagnostic program implementation; and assessment of inmates within the Fairfax County jail for the educational director of that program.


GWU Blackboard based online distance education Introduction to Psychology and Abnormal Psychology courses 2004- to present.
2001-2003 Director, Website, LD Online, (www.ldonline.org) a leading Website provide up-to-date information about learning disabilities and ADHD to students, parents, teachers and other professionals.  This position required extensive knowledge and review of research, current best practices, and legal implications of IDEA & ADA.  This position also required the writing of a monthly newsletter.  Newsletter readership increased from just under 24,000 at the time I began with LD Online to just under 70,000 two years later when I left the position.  Web page hits were consistently over one million each month.  Created weekly and monthly Web content as well using macromedia’s Dream Weaver.


taught include: Adolescent Psychology, Introductory Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Psychological Assessment, Child Development, Social Psychology, Perception, Perception and Understanding, Learning, Infant Psychology, and Behavior Modification. Both the Learning and Perception Courses were laboratory courses that required development of laboratory materials as well as class lectures.  As a faculty member of the University of Michigan's School of Education I served as a model teacher and supervised student teachers. Teaching experience also includes eight years in the GWU Educational Opportunity Program; a program designed to facilitate minority youth transition to the university setting. Graduate courses include Psychological and Cognitive Assessment.  I have also taught graduate assessment courses to retiring military officers seeking careers as teachers.

University teaching at:  The George Washington University( 30 years); Georgetown University(2 years), George Mason University (15 years); University of Mary Washington,(2 years); Marymount University (3 years); University of Michigan Department of Education (2 years).


  • Ann Arbor Michigan. Jr. High student teacher. Head Start teacher of preschoolers
  • Milan Michigan, High School French and American history, chaired social studies department.   
  • University of Michigan Laboratory School, as model teacher for research oriented program.
  • Faculty member, U of Michigan Department of Education, supervising student teachers. Developed and wrote Jr. High French curriculum and program.         
  • Instructor, The Governor's School for Gifted and Talented,
  • Falls Church, Va. Director and teacher, 4-year-old preschool program.     
  • Rolla, Missouri, high school history and civics teacher.
RESEARCH EMPLOYMENT: - Night Vision Laboratory, Quantico, VA: statistical data analysis; helicopter angle of descent studies: GMU, data tabulation for studies on creativity; GED data analysis

  • Book Chapter: Ross-Kidder, K., (1998) Interventions with LD/ADHD/Emotional/Behavioral Disordered Children. In Contemporary Interdisciplinary Interventions for Children with Emotional/Behavioral Disorders. Sabatino & Brooks, Ed.) Carolina Academic Press, p 559-586.
  • Training Videos: Ross-Kidder, K & Straus, C., (1998) Accommodating Accommodations, American Council on Education/GEDTS, MGuire Reeder Corp., Alexandria, VA.
  • Ross-Kidder, K., (1996) Psychology: an Introduction and Review, video,Cerebellum Corporation, Arlington, VA.
  • Training manual: Ross-Kidder, K., (1999) Accommodating Accommodations:  Meeting the needs of adults with learning disability and/or ADHD..


  • Ross-Kidder, K. (3/30/2000) WAIS-R/WAIS-III profiles of adults with LD and/or ADHD. National Association of School Psychologists:  New Orleans.
  • Ross-Kidder, K & Sturomski, N (3/29/2000) Half-day seminar session.  Accommodating the needs of adolescents and young adults with LD and/or ADHD. National Association of School Psychologists: New Orleans. 
  • Ross-Kidder, K & Edwards, F. (3/30/2000)  Accommodating Accommodations:  The GED Model. National Association of School Psychologists:  New Orleans.
  • Ross-Kidder, K. (3/10/2000)  Learning disabilities among adults.  Adult Educators Conference:  Columbia, South Carolina.
  • Ross-Kidder, K (3/8/2000) The challenge for the future:  Meeting needs of adults with LD and/or ADHD.  Adult Basic Educators Annual Meeting:  Richmond, Virginia.
  • Ross-Kidder, K. & Edwards, F. ( Feb. 18, 2000)   Pilot study Wechsler Intelligence Scale profiles of adults with LD and/or ADHD, International Learning Disabilities Association: Reno, Nevada.
  • Ross-Kidder, K, Edwards, F., Sturomski, N & Freedman, B. (2/99) The GED:  Reaching Out and Building Bridges for Adolescents and Adults with Learning Disabilities and/or Attention Deficits. International Learning Disabilities Association: Atlanta, GA.
  • Ross-Kidder, K. (10/98) Kentucky Adult Education Conference.  The GED Model for documenting learning disabilities and /or ADHD.
  • Ross-Kidder, K (July 1997) San Antonio, TX GED Administrator National Conference. Accommodating Accommodations:  Helping Administrators understand learning disabilities and the need to meet ADA requirements
  • Ross-Kidder, K. (2/97) Learning Disabilities and the Adult Learner.  Department of Education, State of Ohio, Columbus.


  • Council of Parents, Attorneys and Advocates (copaa.org)
  • American Psychological Association (APA
  • National Association of School Psychologists (NASP)
  • Association for Psychological Science (APS)
  • Learning Disabilities Association of American (LDA)
UNIVERSITY SERVICE: Research Rehabilitation Discussion Group-Department of Education, GWU; Dissertation committees in Departments of Education and Psychology; supervision of clinical experience, MA level for Marymount University.
  • National Institute for Literacy (NIFL) Principal Investigator, Literature review on existing evidence on learning disabilities in adults.  Review of the Bridges to Practice Training Model, a model that trains adult educators who work with low literacy adults on the impact of learning disabilities. Developed in consultation with TATC
  • American Child Welfare League:  Grant to develop a Web page and informational brochure for volunteers who work with children and adolescents with LD and/or ADHD.  Created the Helping Helpers Project.
  • Tremaine Foundation:  Grant to develop a parent outreach program to explore concerns about students with LD and/or ADHD.  Project Misunderstood Minds in support of WGBH project of same name.
  • Mitsubishi Foundation:  Grant in support of LD Online general fund.
FUNDINGS SUPERVISED:  Developed budgets, balanced budgets and submitted final year reports to WETA board; submitted required reports and visited foundations to report on status of current projects for:
  • The Child Welfare League
  • Eisner Foundation
  • Schwab Foundation
  • Tremaine Foundation